Minor Canon is a fan project, not a brand or an art project. It uses the easiest, most deskilled methods available today—drop-shipping, print-on-demand, e-commerce front-end, and a distributed supply chain—as means to transform signifiers (images + knowledge) into objects. 

In the spirit of Marcel Broodthaers, Minor Canon aims for "something insincere": we reject the artisanal fetish of hand-printing and the manufactured scarcity of hype-driven product drops. Instead of the "authenticity" of exclusivity, Minor Canon relies on an ethos of availability: information is free, even if printing and shipping cost money. Editions are unlimited (tirage illimité). We acknowledge the contradictions inherent in commodifying things we love and consider this a productive space of play as long we live in a society ruled by capital.

Minor Canon was created to honour a highly personal selection of artists, writers, and works (a "minor canon") that have advanced a tradition of critical inquiry, meta-artistic play, and liberatory invention. This canon is continually expanding.


Marcel Broodthaers The Black Flag, Unlimited Edition (Le Drapeau noir, tirage illimité) 1968

Marcel Broodthaers, Le Drapeau noir, tirage illimité (The Black Flag, Unlimited Edition), 1968